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    Sep 10, 2018
    Hello all! New member here coming at you from SLC, Utah, USA.

    I've been playing guitar since I was 14. I've had a number of mid-range guitars and amps over the years. Currently rocking a BC Rich Mockingbird Pro X. It's the first guitar I've owned with neck-thru construction and I am loving it! On the amp side I've got a Fender Cyber Deluxe and...its ok. Really interested in building a MojoTone Studio One for my next amp. But my baby is a Martin D18 clone that was hand built by an old bluegrass picker who lived around the corner when I was a kid. If I remember right he was a member of the Smokey Mountain Boys...but I can't remember for sure.

    I'm really interested in the hand-wired scene right now. Amps, pedals, cables, pickups, guitar controls...if it's hand-wired or hand-built I wanna learn about it, see it, buy it, build it, hold it, play it, hug it...ok that got awkward...but you get the idea.

    Also kinda interested in setting up a home recording studio eventually, so I may be picking your brains and combing the forums for info on that too.

    This intro is already too long, so I'll just end by saying I'm looking forward to rubbing virtual shoulders with the community here and take luck in the pursuit of TONE!
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    Welcome to TGP.


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