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Greg Howe plays Stevie Wonder


Classic gear convention stuff: hot shot shredder flails over barely recognizable old groove to small crowd of adoring other guitar players who wish they were flailing over the old groove to their own small crowd of adoring other guitar players who wish etc etc.
& I in my tiny world... classic TGP peanut gallery shot...why did I even post... "man if you were something you'd get off the couch & who the hell are you anyway Greg Howe rips & he's go more talent & endorsements in his little finger than your entire family" etc.

How about something more constructive...Howe is killing. Also his bio & proficiency cannot be argued with, but I could have heard more of the song.


Platinum Supporting Member
I'd much rather hear some shredding over a Kick ass Stevie Wonder funk rhythm than some chugga-chug chunk-chunk dunt-dunt bull****

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