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Greg Howe With The Cornford MK - Fagetaboudit !

Greg Howe would sound good with a Teisco Del Ray and a Pignose. the guy is incredible.

I do like his tone with the Cornford. SWEET!!!


greg's amp is stock, but he boosts it just a tad with a bb preamp. he runs a w/d/w set up that sounds amazing.


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For my tastes, the Cornfords do very well with a little push from a good boost or distortion pedal (I prefer Homebrew stuff). When I'm praticing with my little Harlequin I always have a pedal on and that little thing sounds like a monster at whisper volumes.

Neither my Hellcat, nor my MK50 really need it, but again for my tastes I like a tad more saturation and sustain than either provides (for leads only - for rhythm work both are perfect). The Cornfords take pedals extremely well and really start to sparkle when pushed a little. I really dig the Cornford amps and use them more than my Marshall and Bogner Ecstasy.

Sounds great, love the arrangment on Giant Steps. I like the way he uses fingers on his right hand as well. Anybody know what type of guitar hes playing, Im looking for a solid body stratish type with humbuckers and a good trem system ?

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