Sold Gretsch 6129T Silver Sparkle Jet 2006


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Up for grabs is my 2006 Gretsch Silver Sparkle Jet. I picked this up from a TGP member a while back.

This is a Terada factory build, model 6129T. Two mods I am aware of:
1) Has the "string-through" Bigsby bar, makes re-stringing quite a bit easier. This was on the guitar when I acquired it, the original is included.

2) TV Jones Classic and Classic Plus (bridge) Filtertron pickups. I installed these in the time I've owned the guitar. The original Gretsch Filtertrons are available if you prefer. Soundwise- there is very, very little difference between them (which surpised me), but the covers on the originals are a little dented and dinged up.

Otherwise this is a stock guitar to the best of my knowledge.

Slightly on the thick side for the typical modern Gretsch, but with very cool "V" carve. Frets are in great shape, a couple of slight pits in the lower frets but nothing much. Wont need dressing for a while.

Overall condition:
This is a player's guitar. Functionally, it's perfect, but there are dings and nicks here and there. Mostly in the form of buckle rash on the back. I've done my best to capture them in the photos. Nothing major or that ever really bothered me, but it's clear the guitar has some miles on it and I want to be cup front on that. If you tend to be on the picky side with type of thing, this is probably not your guitar. If you like a little of the natural relicing, this is right up your alley.

Comes with the original Gretsch hard case. The latch on the side opposite the handle is broken, doesnt affect the case being able to close securely. Otherwise the case is in great shape.


If you dont want the TV Jones pickups, I'll knock $100 off.

Happy to consider trades/partials- Looking for an Apollo Twin Duo recording interface, a DMM-1100TT. Or try me, who knows!

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