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Gretsch guitars, Fender Amps and more


Hi all,

My home in San Francisco was broken in to and along with lots of other stuff, most of my guitars were stolen. A couple were of little value or significance to anyone but me. Here’s the list:

-Gretsch Tennesse Rose from about 2007 or so. Not in the case. Had TV Jones pickups, missing pick guard and locking tuners to distinguish it.
-Gretsch Country Club from I think 1957. With DeArmond pickups. Blond, natural color.
-EKO 292-E hollow body electric from mid to late 60’s. It had original DeArmond pickups and Bigsby. Kind of the poor mans Country Club, Guild Starfire or Duane Eddy model. I know it doesn’t sound like anything special, but this was my baby and is probably irreplaceable due to the fact that so few were made and most have been scavenged for the pickups and Bigsby. I loved this guitar. Defining characteristics are the missing pick guard and one of the volume knobs is iffy and cuts out when turned down sometimes. In original case with original hang tag in it. Blond, natural color.
-Guild M140 (I think, cant find documents) small acoustic about ten years old. In original tweed case. Natural color.
-Guild F47 acoustic from early 70’s
-GLS telecaster natural finish
-Fender American Standard Telecaster natural finish.
-Amp-in-case Silvertone Danelectro. Red/white sparkly burst sort of look with lipstick pickups.
-Blueridge parlor guitar. Dark stain.
-Greco hollow body short scale bass from the 60’s. Dark sunburst color.
-Fender P Bass. Black with white pick guard. Purchased new in late 80’s. Made in Japan.
-1962 Fender Concert Amp. 4/10 speaker Brown face, tan Tolex.
1962 Fender Vibroverb. 1/15 speaker black face, black Tolex.
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I was scrolling through the listings of stolen guitars this evening and I noticed your listing, one of your stolen guitars was an EKO 292E. About 2 years ago I purchased an Eko 292E as you described at a local flea market for 300. without a case.
It may quite possibly the one you had stolen. Not sure of a better way to reach out.


Years ago my place was broken into. The detectives I spoke to told me that the usual suspects are someone who's been in your place and knows what you have.

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