Gretsch Honeymoon

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O.K., so I finally gave in and bought a Gretsch. It's a NOS '05 model 6120. I have never been able to make myself buy a guitar without playing it first, but since NOBODY around here has one,(only Setzers) I bought one from a dealer on line. The big brown truck rolled up Thursday afternoon, and It's been non stop :crazyguyever since. If this guitar is an accurate representation of the Gretsches being produced currently, then Kudos to Fender/Gretsch. This thing is flawless. Workmanship, set-up, the whole nine yards. I keep going from amp to amp, Mesa to Fender to Marshall, and it sounds like, like, LIKE A GRETSCH!!!. I will post again after the honeymoon, but doubt if my opinion will change. Can't wait to get home today and get back to it!!!


I just got my first Gretsch as well... A Power Jet. I really love it... I wanted something that was NOT a fender or a Gibson soundwise and this fits the bill perfectly. I haven't touched my Strat in about a week. I concur with your opinion about the fit and finish... absolutley flawless and very well setup right out of the box.

Post some pics when you get a chance!


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I just LOVE my RHH!

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