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Sold Gretsch-o-caster


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Selling a Custom Gretsch-o-caster guitar. Body and neck have been together for 25 years.

*Vintage 1990's Warmoth Ash hardtail body with orange nitro lacquer, with clean factory SSS routing under pickguard - a natural relic, all real play wear over a quarter century.

*Rutters Hardtail bridge with JJColas compensated 5/16" barrel saddles.

*Clear acrylic pickguard with gold painted backing loaded with Seymour Duncan SLS lipstick pickup set, a 4-way switch with chrome tip, Grtetch style volume and tone knobs, and a 3-way switch with Gretsch switch tip

*Warmoth thick girth neck with vintage Gotoh MIJ tuners - a natural relic, all real play wear over a quarter century. I can provide neck/nut specs if needed.

Custom wired pickup switching: Bridge and neck pickups are on the 4-way (bridge, parallel, neck, series), and middle pickup is on one side of the 3-way with the 4-way on the other. LOADS of cool sounds available with this set-up.

A great looking, great sounding guitar. I have a gig bag I can include.

Sold Pending payment

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You have a lot of cool guitars brother, this one is no different.

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