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Gretsch Projet with 1 Meg pots....WOW!


So I recently picked up a Gretsch Electromatic Projet with Blacktop Filtertrons. It seemed a bit dull/muddy so I went about doing some research to rectify this.
I started by rewiring the guitar, bypassing the 2 individual volume controls. It is now just master volume, master tone setup.
This helped quite a bit because from what iv'e read going through 2 x 500k volumes is reducing it down to somewhere close to a 250K anyway...which is how it sounded to me.
Also did a treble bleed mod on the master volume and added an Orange Drop 0.022 Cap across the tone.
Although I was pretty happy with this, when comparing to my Tele (perhaps an unfair comparison) it still sounded undefined and not nearly as much string definition.
So I decided to upgrade to CTS 1 Meg pots.....and WOW, what a difference!
Its like the guitar woke up from its winter hibernation!
More defined, articulate and the Filtertrons sing now.
I am still yet to do a side by side against my Tele but regardless it has much improved the pick attack and bite and twang and pretty much everything I love about playing.

Is there anyone else out there tried this with good results?

In my reading it seemed uncommon that people preferred 1 Meg over 500K on humbuckers, but it sure worked for me.

Then again I often like using LED Diodes in TS type pedals because of the punchy articulate sound it produces...most people prefer a smoother sound that rounds off the edges. Maybe it's just my ears, who knows.

Next step, Compton Bridge........


I love a 1 meg pot for my humbuckers, but I stick mine on the tone controls instead of the volume because audio taper at that value start to act like linear taper and I use my volume knobs all of the time and could deal with it on the tone pot better

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