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Gretsch Resonators


Silver Supporting Member
Looking to get a second acoustic, and thought for tonal variery, to try a resonator, but don't know too much about them. I see that Gretsch has recently released a few and am interested in either the Alligator or Boxcar (biscuit vs spider). Does anybody have any experience with either of these?

Also, although I'm tending towards a wood body, what are the good points of going all metal rather than wood? How heavy are the all metal resonators (parlor size).

Finally, can anybody provide any comparisons between Grestch resonators with the Republics? I realize that the Republics are all metal, but was just curious since the price point isn't that different.

Sorry for the newbie questions, and appreciate any help here. Thanks.


Platinum Supporting Member
the gretsches are damn cool for the money.

in general, biscuit cones are loud and barky with less sustain, good for the blues guys; spiders are smoother and sweeter, with more sustain but maybe not as much initial volume, so good for bluegrass dobro playing.

Member 37136

Metal bodied resos are heavy. Bell brass, especially.

As for Republic vs Gretsch, the quality of the cone affects price (and tone), as do all the other components - bridge, tuners, construction, materials. Republic does a nice job of setting up their guitars, as does Beard/Gold Tone and a few others.

I think you do get what you pay for, but don't let anyone tell you that you have to pop for a National to get decent tone and playability.


don't let anyone tell you that you have to pop for a National to get decent tone and playability.
But also don't let anybody tell you a gretsch gives you that. There are some companies that sell chinese made, and US set up, on a small scale. Stick to those.

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