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Hey guys,

I've recently become really enthused with JTM or Bassman type tones for clean / slightly overdriven blues tones. I was always gravitating I think towards blackface amps simply because thats what so many have always done (and find great success with as well).
However I was checking out a Dr. Z Remedy and was really impressed by the cleans it was producing. There was just so much character and juiciness to each note and I found that the clean sound was a real stand alone tone that I was looking for (just add reverb). I also found the cleans were more forgiving then say the normal blackface clone etc. Which I have at times found a little sterile or too transparent imo.
Being the volume of the Remedy an issue for me (Its still very loud even at 20 watt setting) I began a search for something that could produce similar tones but at a more manageable volume but that could also be gig worthy. This lead me to the Gries 15. From the limited thread's I could find it seems to fit the bill nicely, they are both 6v6 and share similarities between Bassman and Jtm's. Just wanted to hear from any users out there regarding club/gig worthiness headroom wise, and overall experience with the amp before I pull the plug.

Thanks in Advance


I believe that I have seen a small thread on this amp here. Have you tried a search? I am also interested in this amp - I have a Gries 5 combo that I love! Dave Gries may chime in, I believe he is a member here.

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