GSP1101/SRH440/KRK Rockit5/Vox Night Train PROBLEM



I have a bit of a problem. I have started using GSP1101 and also started creating my own effects. I was doing this using my headphones Shure SRH440 which give really a good quality, and sound almost the same as my records done with GSP1101 in Ableton Live.
Whilst I am using KRK rockit 5 the sound is much worse than when i use my headphones, and when i use my effects to play it is so far from what I can hear on my headphones, very very disappointing..
My other problem is that when I connect my gsp to my vox night train i get even more terrible sound, and some of my effects are distorted or on certain notes of fretboard i get scretching sounds, or some bass no toes sounds also screetchy.
Now i wonder is it problem of gsp 1101? (but if i get perfect sound on my headphones and it is almost the same as record..
Are Krk rockit so ****** monitors for the guitar or maybe i need to set up something in the options.
Is it possible that my vox cabinet is faulty i dont have it long and I ordered it online.


The frequency response of your headphones, monitors, and amp are all going to be different. This means that patches you create on each will sound different on the others.

When you hook up your GSP to your Night Train, are you running into the FX loop and bypassing the cabinet emulation on the GSP?

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