GT 8 FX Floorboard Instructions

Roger Arrant

Hello, I am Roger Arrant. I am a 40 year vet guitar player/tech, and tube amp repair/builder. I am coming out of retirement and wish to use my old ("NOS" I was a Boss/Rolland Dealer) Boss GT-8 and use the FX Floorboard with it. I have set it up with a Roland UM-One and all seems well now after the Hosa interface didn't work. Other than a few great videos on youtube, I can't find any instructions on using the FX Floorboard software. Can someone please point me to any info, tutorials, guides, or some threads that my shed some light on the features.
Most of the features are obvious, but I don't quite get the clipboard functions etc. Also any good BBs on the Boss GT processors would probably help me a lot. Maybe I have enough brain cells left living to comprehend all this stuff I have forgotten. TIA.
Peace!!!,,, Roger Arrant
Hi Roger. Did you find anything on the Fx FloorBoard Software?
Just now noticed the date, 6.24.15. Haven't hooked my board since 2015 as well & I'm in the process of relearning the system all over again. Found a bunch of data. Let me know where you're at so I don't bore you or waste your time.
Steve LaLonde

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