GUILD DCE1 anyone?


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So my local craigslist has one of these for $500 with a case, any opinions on them? I'm going to check it out tonight, but just wanted to see if there are any horror stories out there. Is it safe to assume that a USA Guild for $500 is a pretty good deal? Thanks!


I had a Guild DCE5 which is the more upscale (rosewood) version of this guitar. If you're into a cutaway acoustic with pickup and "barn door" the DCE line was a good value. I do think that $500 is top dollar for that particular model. It better be mint for that price. I traded my DCE5 and only got about $450 in trade value.

There were 3 models in the line. DCE1, DCE3, and DCE5 (mahogany, maple, and rosewood) These had solid spruce tops with laminated sides and back and Fishman electronics. Mine had the blender which is a dual-source system with UST and mic.


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