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Guild GAS

What to do; I've got it bad! I seriously need either an A150 Savoy or X175 Manhattan.
Any owners of these recent reissues care to chip in and torment me some more?:drool
Here's the thing; I'd need to liquidate my existing guitars to finance the purchase, and it would be my only guitar. I'm leaning toward the Savoy as it has a floating, non-invasive (tonally) pickup and a solid top, so I can enjoy it both acoustically and amplified.
The Manhattan will likely be more challenged acoustically, but more versatile amplified. And, no, I can't get both!

Here's the Savoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjBsBtp6NXU
...and the Manhattan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqMK25FgmWI
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mad dog

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I've got it too. Bad. Gassing for old and new Guilds. My '61 X50 sounds so fine, I keep looking for older CE-100s and X-175s, anything with the original Franz p/u.

The newer Guild I most want is the X-350 Stratford. Not sure why I think this, but the X-350 strikes me as the better guitar against the Newark Street X-175. Here's a clip from the very talented Walter Broes:


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