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What tools do I need and where can I buy them? Which brands do you recommend? I'm looking to get quality tools.

Fretting tools
Small Band Saw


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Specific guitar tools:

Power tools: Delta, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Hitachi, Bosch, etc.
There are many good tool manufacturers, depends how big you want and how much you want to pay.
Start at Home Depot or Lowes, I've bought many tools from them.


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Take a look at the Telecaster Forum - They have a separate forum for home-built guitars that has plenty of good information - most of which applies to all solid-body guitars, not just Telecasters.


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The worst thing you can do is buy 'guitar building tools'. In most cases, they're either expensive versions of tools a good tool store can sell you or tools you can make yourself.

I do a lot of builds. For a bare minimum I would buy:

1- A nice tablesaw - I have a Delta Industrial bought on closeout for $475.00 with extension fence.
2- A Bandsaw - I have a Craftsman. I bought it on sale for $130.00 (I would like a larger one but this one works ok).
3- Router - I have a Bosch I bought for $25.00 at a pawn shop and a Craftsman Router and Router Table that cost me $60.00 on closeout at Sears
4- Dremel - I think they're about $85.00

In time, you may want to add:

5- Spindle Sander - I have a JET - $500.00
6- Jointer - I have a Delta was $600, but mine was on closeout @ Lowes for $99.99
7- Planer - I have a Craftsman, on sale for $150.00
8- Drill Press - $80 @ Sears - get one with the laser, it's worth it.

You also need some pipe clamps, router bits, forstner buts, drill bits, etc...

All in all, for the price of a nice guitar or two you can get a really nice shop set up.


Grizzly for the heavy duty stuff.............
Grizzly is always a safe bet, good stuff. Also keep your eyes out on Craigs List for planers, jointers, band saws, etc. For example, I picked up a sweet old barely used 60's model Craftsman jointer for $100 and a Ridged combination oscillating belt / spindle sander for $40..

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