Guitar Cabinet Risers...


Hello all,

Recently I bought an Orange Dual Terror and 2x12 cab. I love the sound and the capability to switch between 7/15/30 watts.
Especially because I live in an up-stairs apartment. At the moment the 2x12 cab is the smallest I have to play it through.
I guess I could get a 1x12 or even 1x8 cab but I'd like to tinker with the sound for live settings.
During the summer and fall I gig locally with a band. Normally my 4x12 hiwatt cab does great.

My question is does anyone have a simple suggestion to raise my cab off the floor? Not only do I get unwanted bass feqs. but also the overwhelming sonic boom on the floor is a turn off to neighbors.
A DIY wood construction riser would be out of the question; as I am limited on tools until summer. Bummer I know.
Ive got an aluminum stand for my Vox. But Im unsure it would work with a heavier rig on top.
Wooden Blocks?....Trailer Chocks?....Anything you guys use that is easy to obtain?


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