Guitar cable shootout


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We did a similar shootout a few years back in my friends Recording Studio. We had Canare, Mogami, Planet Waves, a Couple Lava's a George L. George L's were the hands down winner. I wont use them live (Too Unreliable) but in the studio they definitely sounded best


hey man, great video! love the fact you got eq graph showing.

I've been making mogami and canare cables on the side ( and was wondering if you'd like to feature them in one of your youtube demos. I can send you a 10 foot mogami (W2524) and 10 foot canare (GS-6) cable. pm if you're interested!


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They sounded pretty much the same to me, though on the one clip the Toaster seemed to have more of something - upper mid maybe.

Reliability and build quality is something else, but honestly, I didn't hear much difference.


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Even on studio monitors we are talking minor, subtle changes at best. In fact is it possible that the percieved differences are more related to slight differences in stumming and playing technique for each pass than the cables?


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They ALL sound different ..... sometimes it's a slight change other times it's pretty dramatic. My $.02 ...

1) Monster is overpriced .... and I'm not crazy about how it sounds (I've tried 2-3 different versions)

2) Mogami and Canare sound great and they are both reasonably priced ... frankly if you buy bulk cable and make your own they are CHEAP ...

3) Planet Waves "American Stage" sound pretty much the same as my Mogami ... I've done a quick A/B test recording the same lick and could not tell the difference ! If I had to suggest a cable to buy off the shelf American Stage would be my choice. That's my gig cable ... I have a bunch of them and they are reliable and sound great.

None sound BETTER ... they all sound different and I'll use different ones for different guitars sometimes .... George L's sounds really clear ( another word for bright) .. with my Tom Anderson strat going into my Matchless they sound like nails on a chalkboard ... then again same guitar into my tweed deluxe it sounds pretty good .... point is it's about the combinations for me.

One last thing ... to my ears the cable going out of the guitar to the first pedal (if you are a pedal user) is the most important ... after the first pedal the choice of cable becomes less important .. still I wouldn't use crap but really that first cable is where you want to spend your money .

Good luck !


Cable capacitance does indeed effect the reactance of the circuit, and we hear this in the high frequency spectra...

Thanks to that cool display, we can even watch it in real time.

Thank you!

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