Guitar Case Rack Recommendations?

Hey all! So I store my guitars in their cases mainly because they're pretty dang expensive and don't want to test putting them on a stand without the case. I have been trying to find a rack that can be used specifically to store guitar cases with the guitars in them but have been having trouble as there only seem to be a couple solutions on the market.

The first one I found is this one:

It's right up my alley price-wise but I am going to be storing both electric and acoustic guitars and a lot of the reviews say it's not wide enough to securely hold the rectangular electric guitar cases

The second one I found is from these guys:

These look to have enough width to properly hold electric guitar cases and acoustic guitar cases but not really digging the looks and a $300 minimum price tag is very spendy as well.

Is there another option on the market I'm not aware of? Is anyone here using something they can recommend? Thanks!


I just got a String Swing a few weeks ago. It's legit. Until I sold a guitar recently, I had 2 SKB cases, 2 rectangular "Fender-style" cases, and 1 acoustic case, with enough room left over for a Boss BCB-60. I have better luck putting the rectangular cases straight into the rack on the skinny side rather than "leaning" them on that upper support. No issues so far.

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