Guitar Center carries lovepedal?

Walked into my local Guitar Center to exchange a bad cable. Which took them all of 20 mins behind a computer... then another 15 to ring me up for some strings and such....By this time i had looked at everything in the front store, I find a giant sign that had lovepedal eternity fuse on the front. I said do you guys have any lovepedal eternitys in stock he has to turn the poster around to understand what im talking about.... he goes to the pedal box shelf and looks for 3 mins then says who makes it..... :Spank. turns out they didn't have any in stock for all this guy knew.... Ill keep my business to the small guys.

I freaking hate my local guitar center. They are so dumb and rude. The atl one isn't as bad though.


My local one carries Zvex and Fulltone, however no lovepedal :(. I know what u mean about the dumb and rude part. If it dosent say boss or digitech they are like.....huh
no, but like everything else Ive walked in their to buy lately, they dont carry it but can order it for you...

you can order it for me??? PHHHTTTT...I will order it MYSELF from MY HOUSE and it will be delivered to salesman forgetting to call me when it comes multiple trips to GC...


Yes the ATL on IS as bad. Takes them 20 minutes to exchange something there too. They've been improving the pedal selection but it still sucks. There's one or two employees that do know what they're talking about but most of them are idiots.


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The pgh one ignores my wife completely every time we go in. The only thing the ever say to her is "ya know you're playing that bass upside down?"

No ****! she's a lefty and you don't carry more than 1 bottom of the barrel lefty ibanez bass!

When the ignore her and ask me if I need help, I've started telling them that I don't even play, she's the musician

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