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Guitar Center online transaction - Good grief

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by deadletteroffice, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. deadletteroffice

    deadletteroffice Member

    Sep 28, 2010
    Lake Balboa, CA
    I ordered a used DRRI from an east coast store on 08/03. It ships 08/05 for delivery 08/09.

    08/09 arrives, I ask my wife to stay around the house in the afternoon to receive the amp. UPS is generally in our hood after 4pm. No amp. I track. Tracking shows incorrect address. I call UPS.

    UPC tells me the address is off by a digit. Not the address on my GC account, nor my PP. They entered a wrong digit on the shipping label. UPS tells me there are restrictions on the shipment and that GC has to make any changes.

    I call GC. They will not allow me to pick up at UPS. They will not redirect it to a GC store nearby. They tell me they will call and provide the correct address and it will redeliver Monday. I check the tracking later that night and it's rescheduled for redelivered Monday 08/12.

    Monday at around 6am tracking shows UPS receives new address from GC. Out for delivery. About 1:30pm tracking then shows GC called back and put the shipment on hold. Amp is out on truck for delivery, but is returned to the UPS hub. My wife waits for another afternoon. No amp. I track. Call UPS. UPS tells me to call GC. I call GC. GC tells me to call UPC. I ask for supervisor.

    Supervisor tells me that they will not allow me to pick up in a store or UPS hub. My options are to receive it at my house, or have it shipped back.

    Tuesday. Around 6am tracking shows UPS receives new address from GC. Out for delivery. About 2:30pm tracking then shows GC called back and put the shipment on hold. AGAIN. Amp is out on truck for delivery, but is returned to the UPS hub. AGAIN. My wife waits for another afternoon. 3 in a row now. No amp. I track. Call UPS. UPS tells me to call GC. I call GC. GC tells me to call UPC. I ask for supervisor.

    Supervisor tells me that if I want a refund I will have to wait until they get their amp back. The amp has been blocks from my house for 5 days and they can't figure out how to get it there. Offers no other solution other than to ride it out. And goes on to tell me if I file a PayPal dispute GC will block me from any further online transactions w/ GC. This was basically insulting at this point.

    At the current time I have filed a dispute. According to UPC the amp is on hold at a UPC facility waiting for instruction from GC. GC claims UPS is wrong. I don't have my money or the amp.

    Nice story.
  2. Johnny Moondog

    Johnny Moondog Member

    Jan 23, 2015
    East Coast of Canada
    "Good grief " indeed.

    You have my pity.
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  3. gearitis

    gearitis Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 13, 2004
    So. Calif.
    That's ridiculous!

    I don't know if it will help, but I'd try to get the details of your experience as high up the GC corporate ladder as possible.

    I found this online:

    English speaking Customer Service is 855-770-3373 and Spanish 877-682-5402. You may write to CEO, Ron Japinga in a letter addressed to him at 5795 Lindero Canyon Road, Westlake Village, CA 91362. Also you may find online assistance here. The corporate office phone number is 818-735-8800.
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  4. chadmo1

    chadmo1 Member

    Jun 26, 2014
    That totally blows.

    Musicians Friend also blocks the option to have you pick up from the UPS distribution center and it pisses me off. I work from home and am about 2 minutes from the UPS center. UPS doesn't deliver to me until 7-8 PM. So I could pick up my fun new toy at 8 AM and play with it all day but I have to wait until 8 pm when the wife and kids are home and I can't turn up and rock.
  5. hydroquebec

    hydroquebec Member

    Feb 7, 2012
    Montreal, Canada
    Tabarnak that's just so uncool.
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  6. Jr Deluxe

    Jr Deluxe Member

    Apr 27, 2017
    I always have my purchases shipped to the local GC. Im never stuck waiting at home for the truck. If the product is damaged the store is a witness and i can refuse delivery. New product is free shipping. There are other reasons but these are the main ones.
  7. stargazer747

    stargazer747 Member

    Nov 30, 2016
    I've had my share of shipping issues with sellers but this one is a doosy! I feel for you man, some serious winners at GC, I'll tell you, I've had a case with something I purchased on GC website not too long ago, I ordered the Walrus Audio ARP-87 delay Limited Edition and numbered "Stranded" artwork only sold thru GC. They ship it, noticed that it shipped from their Brooklyn store, I live on Staten Island, I get it on time next day. So exited it arrived this fast, open the box and its in there alright, just the pedal in styrofoam popcorn no original box nothing. I thought I was ordering a new item, I called the store to inquire, they said it was new but in the floor's display case and the original box and included goodies were most likely trashed. I complain that it cannot be considered new if it doesn't have the manufacturer's packaging and on display not knowing how many tried it in the store, to say the least about paying full price $199.99 for it.

    Its a limited edition model from Walrus Audio, they robbed me of my unboxing experience, and as a collector's model, I like to keep all packaging materials. He simply said, "if you don't want it just return it at any store for a refund," no offers to give me back some money or a gift card, not even a "wait I'll look to see if the box and stuff is still here, or sorry for that let me send you another one."

    Annoyed, I email Walrus Audio customer service on what happened and they were so helpful, they shipped me next day air the complete box packaging and all the goodies typically included with their pedals. That is what I call a real company, one that stands by their products and takes immediate action when needed. I know a top sales guy that I've become friends with over the years that works at a NJ GC and if it wasn't for this, I'd have nothing to do with them. Very disgusted nowadays with how a lot of companies do business. Thanks to Walrus Audio's actions to rectify this, it has restored some of my faith.
  8. HeavyCream

    HeavyCream Member

    Aug 27, 2017
    New Shaolin, MA
    That does suck.

    IDK if there’s a GC near you but I’d be trying to get face to face with the location manager. It wasn’t his fault but I’d make it his problem.

    Hindsight is 20/20 but I always like to check tracking as soon as it’s available on any package to make sure everything is good. I also get things of value shipped to my local GC.

    I feel for you though. We’ve all been in situations where a shipment gets goofed up by someone. Your situation seems about as frustrating as gets. Hope it works out, fast.
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  9. TheoDog

    TheoDog Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2011
    Bethany, OK
    The irony of the OP’s name :spit

    @deadletteroffice , when you say you are calling GC, are you calling the shipping GC or your local?

    Whichever, maybe try the other one. A fresh hand at the keyboard might be able to change the result.

    Good luck.
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  10. Thumpalumpacus

    Thumpalumpacus Member

    Dec 16, 2011
    The only time I tried to buy online from GC, I ordered an amp head that was in Georgia through their used web listings, to ship to their South Austin store for in-store unboxing.

    I get an urgent text from the shipping store the next morning, reporting that they had accidentally sold the amp and that they would reverse the charge in their system so that I would get the credit immediately. That didn't happen for six days, and required a couple of phone calls to the shipping store's manager.

    That experience hasn't put me off from buying online from them, but it sure sticks in my mind, and I'll buy local-first if possible before ordering from them again.

    The other thing is that their used pedals often have issues. I've had to return one used multiFX bought in-person due to prompt failure of the unit on arriving at home. Another time, checking out a used Duncan Twin-tube, it was clear the power-supply jack was extremely sketchy and required steady hand-pressure on the cable to stay powered. I brought the pedal to the sales desk and reported the issue. The salesperson took the pedal and put it right back into the case behind its price-placard as I watched. And I've checked out a couple of others that had major problems due to condition.

    As a result of these issues, I will not buy any pedals from them online, and am reluctant to use their site as anything other than gathering basic pricing guidelines.

    "It's been nice trying to do business with you. You can rest assured that not only will I never again transact online with your company, I won't ever do so in person either. Tell UPS to return you your amplifier."

    Then I'd hang up and, as you did, commence the dispute.
  11. Vhailor

    Vhailor Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2015
    I'd be curious to know what Paypal said about the supervisor's threat to ban you from future purchases if you use Paypal dispute procedures.
  12. openbar

    openbar Silver Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2006
    I know enough Quebecois to get a chuckle!
  13. your name here

    your name here Supporting Member

    Jun 14, 2007
    Astoria, OR - USA
    I’d go to the hub in person w/tracking, proof off address, your ID and your receipt. Karen haircut optional. I bet you get your package. In person is always better.
  14. 2Plus2isChicken

    2Plus2isChicken Member

    Dec 12, 2018
    Just west of Nashville
    Telling you they will block further online transactions isn't much of a threat. It's also pretty stupid. I wouldn't be inclined to deal with a company that handled things this way ever again, so they could block whatever they wanted. I'm not sure how they can legally do that, but it's their loss.
  15. jacklickson

    jacklickson Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    My grandmother from Trois Rivieres would be proud.

    She’s dead, mind you. But if she wasn’t, she’d be proud.
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  16. jacklickson

    jacklickson Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    Personally, I’d call the Spanish customer service and ask them what they think about working for a guy with “pinga” in his name.
  17. Vaibhav Joshi

    Vaibhav Joshi Member

    Jun 13, 2019
    This is so frustrating.
    I am surprised your wife hasn't asked you to cancel the order so far. She's great.
    This is why I prefer smaller stores but there is not much available & online is the only option. Good luck.
    What a waste, really.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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  18. Killed_by_Death

    Killed_by_Death Member

    Jan 10, 2016
    14 Megameters from Groong Tehp
    Six months is a damn long delivery time, from March until September.
    Good Luck!

    I really hate that GC puts that restriction on their deliveries.
    Years ago it wasn't so & you could pick up from the UPS depot.
  19. Radar

    Radar Member

    Jun 14, 2017
    I would file a paypal dispute just out of spite for that supervisor's attitude. lol if they want to block people buying amps worth hundreds of dollars then so be it.
  20. Dr.Picklebottom

    Dr.Picklebottom Member

    Oct 8, 2009
    they cant/ wont block you from spending money, if they try theyll get their hand slapped by their boss.

    that really sucks, id be pissed too. these days we see this more and more often. all itd take is that gc supervisor calling that PO and explaining what is happening and theyd deliver it the next day. its just laziness, incompetence, and complacency.

    youd think theyd take things more seriously since every time i go in one of their stores you can almost hear their death rattle in the sadly desolate store, very little stock, and less customers.

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