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Hey guys, was just wondering what is the best way to set up my Fender Stratocaster so I would be able to hear the tonal characteristics of the guitar? If some of you could just share with me some ways that you do it would be much appreicated!

Tim :)

Dana Olsen

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I agree with TT - go to, select "Support", then "Knowledge Base", then "how-to guides", and look at the Strat set up guide. That's a great place to start.

Oh hell, here's the link:

AFTER you've done the Fender set up procedure, if you still have probs, post those here and we'll all, I'm sure, have something to say about it (GRIN).

The general rule of thumb is that most folks seem to hear a little more 'wood' in the tone with the pickups a little bit further away from the strings than Fender recommends, at least on the bass side, but not everyone feels that way. Once you do the Fender set up, THEN you can dial your individual guitar in - and remember, ALL guitars are individuals and require individual attention for the right set up, and all PLAYERS are individuals too.

The Fender specs are a good place to start.

Hope this helps, Dana O.

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