Guitar Hero lets my teenage duaghter finally listens to classic rock music.


My teenage daughter never wanted to listen to classic rock music until she got Guitar Hero playstation3 game last week and now she is rocking.
Young kids need to listen to all sort of music to develop musical taste.
Now if only she wants to play a real guitar.


I do my own stunts.
And vise versa. I've been exposed to some cool new music I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise. My kids and I are finding all kinds of new musical common ground in both directions. Nothing wrong with that.



I know there are a lot of haters on here but GH and Rock Band have opened kids up to some oldies and some indies. My 13 year old nephew has became a huge AC/DC fan and b/c of GH is now taking guitar lessons that he had little interest in before. A couple of his buddies are learning drums and bass too and they are trying to start a band over the summer.

Yeah it's a video game and year they are stuck inside playing it but it opens them up to a new transitional experience that is easier than jumping straight into music and there fore more rewarding for the "gotta have it now" gen. Plus now he doesn't think all my music is quite as dorky.

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