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Guitar Leads That Fit The Song


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The lead starts about 2:19; I think it's pretty well done and fits perfectly into the song



A lot of times I think there could have been any number of approaches to the solo but, we've heard the recorded one so much we've been brainwashed.

Ive heard any number of Led Zep bootlegs and different versions of Dead tunes. Invariably, my favorites always end up the one I've heard the most.

Thats not to take away great solos in songs, just that it might have been a different one by a hair.

My vote goes to Glen Frey in the outro of I Cant Tell You Why. Perfect.

Trebor Renkluaf

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Here’s one you won’t hear often but Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues always played to better the song.

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C'mon... There's an endless list...

Who's Crying Now to Devil Take the Hindmost from Beat It to Cult of Personality from Elephant Talk to Gimme Shelter from Catch a Train to Hideaway from Taxman to My Sweet Lord from...

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