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Guitar made of metal with no fingerboard

Tone Diesel

Years ago I saw one of those all metal guitars in a guitar encyclopedia that almost looks kind of like a fish skeleton, with the frets attached to a stainless steel rod and no fingerboard. Anyone remember what these were called?


Old dude with guitars
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They build those about 5 minutes away from my house. I've never been interested enough to go and check it out. Those guitars look like they'd be a pain to try and play.

PB Wilson

I wonder if they require more of a classical hand position with your thumb directly on the back of the neck, as opposed to wrapping your thumb over the top (like I often do with my somewhat sloppy playing style). Still, I'd like to try one out. I think it's a good thing that some folks are pushing the envelope with guitar design.


I wanted to like the original Gittler guitars so bad.

In terms of playability, I normally play with a classical left hand position, so no problem there. Also, Gittler makes a plexiglass neck profile that you can attach to the titanium rod for a more traditional feel.

The deal breaker for me is the tone: the single pickup, which extends from the last fret to the bridge and is made of 6 individual elements, one for each string, simply sounds terrible.

Or better, it probably sounds like a theoretically "ideal" transducer, in that it is absolutely neutral and hi fi, sort of a quasi-piezo tone with none of the character, frequency humps and dips of a traditional magnetic pickup.

They recently introduced a T2 model which is basically a more traditional headless guitar with a full neck and humbucking pickups, but to be honest it's got nothing of the Gittler minimalistic allure.

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