Guitar Scouting Report


I made to a guitar store in Den Haag to try out an R8, an ES-339, an SG, a Gibson with P90s, and a Road Worn Stratocaster. The store did not have any PRS DGTs.

1. Gibson R8 (Gloss Iced Tea): I visited the store mostly to check out a Gloss Iced Tea R8. There was only one of these in store and it was just "okay".
2. Gibson ES-339 (Cherry): Awesome guitar. It sounded great and played really nice. A good deal at €1899.
3. Gibson LP Goldtop with P90s: Another awesome guitar. I really liked the P90s. Which Gibson with P90s is the best choice: a Studio with P90s, an SG Classic, or a Goldtop? I am currently checking eBay for a Gibson SG Classic.
4. Gibson R8 (Used, VOS Tobacco): sounded good, played good. I liked this guitar and it was a good price but €2200 is still a lot of money!!
5. Gibson R8 (Gloss Faded Cherry): sounded good, played good. I liked this guitar but it is really expensive at €2798.
6. Gibson SG Historic (Cherry): sounded good, played good. I would go for an R8 over an SG with humbuckers.
7. Fender Road Worn Stratocaster: these actually sound pretty good and play well but for the money too expensive.

The salesman wanted me to buy the ES-339 because he said unlike the R8s the ES-339s are not going to be around much longer (good point). The Road Worn Stratocasters are nice!! If there were cheaper I would consider buying one. I cannot understand the pricing. A MIM Stratocaster costs €499, a Road Worn is €899, and an American Stratocaster costs €1099.

Bottom line: I am going to find a 40th, 50th, or 60th Anniversary Stratocaster which I can make into a Road Worn by sending it to Naked Guitars. I think I can do that for about €899 (€500 for the guitar, €300 to make it Road Worn, €130 for shipping). After that I am going to get an R8 or a Gibson with P90s in it. Another thing about the R8s is the neck is like a baseball bat. Is the neck on the R9 much better? The ES-339 is tempting.

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