Guitar Teacher for 6 y.o. West side L.A.


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A friend of mine inquired with me about a guitar teacher for her musical 6 y.o. son. He's very talented musically, but that's not too surprising, given his parents' musicality.

I haven't lived on the L.A. west side for quite a while, so I'm out of the loop, but I suggested she inquire at McCabe's as a start. Any other recommendations?



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George Foster is a great teacher and does a lot of kids programs with music and bands.


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It isn't in West LA - it's in Van Nuys, but the Join The Band music school is where my 7 yr old granddaughter gets guitar lessons. It's owned and run by John Mizenko, who gave my daughter music lessons about 25 yrs ago at Baxter Northup on Ventura Blvd. The school has about 200 students and all the teachers are degreed music professionals who are passionate about music and about teaching. Their emphasis is on, as soon as possible, working students into ensemble playing (thus the name of the school) and they have frequent concerts in local venues. I'm more than pleased with the work they've done so far with my granddaughter Madeline; besides just teaching her to play, she's learning to love to play.

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