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Guitar Tube Preamp BMT Tube Wizard IV 3 channel with 2W PowerAmp


We are BMT team and we are gear geeks!

We produce all-tube guitar gear, let us introduce you one of our latest engineerings is pedal guitar preamp BMT Tube Wizard IV.

These are a couple of videos to get acquainted with its possibilities:




• Absolutely suitable for DIFFERENT STYLES

• THREE separate channels CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD

• Has a traditional passive EQ with adjustable BASS, MIDDLE and TREBLE, regulators GAIN, VOLUME and SWEEP. All channels have separate EQs, which gives you a possibility to create great diversity of sound characters

• DRIVE MODE switch gives + 9 options of overload character on LEAD channel. This allows to create a sound which is close to the sound of preamps of many famous amplifiers

• Equipped with BUILT-IN 2 W POWER AMP which allows to connect the preamp directly to the guitar cabinet, HiFi speaker system or headphones, which is really convenient if you do not have an external power amplifier. Now you can safely rehearse at home, every day improving your skills

• SOLO switch lets you adjust the volume while playing. This is a key function during Live performances.

• Cabinet emulation system lets the preamplifier to be connected directly to a mixer / sound card with KEEPING SOUND QUALITY

• Is equipped with FX LOOP (parallel to serial adjustable), which is crucial when you are looking for balance in preamp/effect sound

• Is made in matte black metal housing that can withstand the most severe conditions of transportation, with ergonomic controls

• Designed for home, studio, rehearsal and live performances

• Available in Modern and Classic versions (upon request)


• Tubes: 2 x 12AX7

• Input impedance: 1MOhm

• Output 1 and Output 2 impedance: 2 kOhm

• Poweramp output impedance: minimum 8 Ohm

• Power output: 2W

• Power supply: Standard 220 V 50/60 Hz / or custom made upon request (varies from country)

• Power consumption: not more than 18W

• Dimensions: L x W x H about 260 x 210 x 85 mm (10.3 x 8.3 x 3.4 inches)

• Weight: about 2.1 kg (4 lb 10 oz)

• Outputs / inputs:

"To headphones or hifi cab" - for line, headphones, mixer.

"To guitar cab" - for guitar cabinet / mixer (if you set the switch button phones or hifi cab / guitar cab to phones or hifi cab).

"Output 2" and "Output 1" are used for amplifiers, guitar amps and power amps.

"Return" and "Send" for effects, + "Return" for amplifiers as well "Input" for guitar itself.

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