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Guitar you first really wanted when growing up


When I was just starting to play back in 1957, about one or two years into playing, I saw the original LP burst, brand new, and wanted one.

While I've played a LOT of them and other 50's LP's, I have had a lot of custom shop Gibson LP Standards over the years and came oh so close to having a real burst, it just wasn't to be.

However, the LP's I have owned and still own are very fine ones, and I learned to appreciate them for what they are.


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had a later appreciation for how cool Brian May's guitar is.
actually saw one of the guild models in 1990 at a guitar show, it was for sale for $900 which might as well have been a million $s to me at the time, couldn't afford it!!! i wanted to play it so bad just to see how the neck felt, but was too scared!!!!!

I was a teenager in the 90s and was a massive Brian May fan. I always wanted a guild. They were expensive then, and are hard to find and are still expensive. Maybe someday I'll land one.

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I didn't ever get the guitar I really wanted, and I certainly never will now. WAY out of my budget. My friend in the picture found his in a pawn shop in 1967 with case for $125. It is an original '58. This picture was taken in 1969. He kept it well into adulthood. Eventually sold it to a man writing a coffee table book and wanted it for the cover photo. At different times in my youth a few years after this picture I offered him up to $5k. That was as high as I was ever able to go on it. Considering what they sell for now, it surely won't happen. Yes, they sell reissues, but they don't feel or sound the same to me. I played his a number of times and it sounded glorious compared to my paltry '61 ES335 I was using then.



For me, it was most definitely a strat.

An orange one preferably (I didnt know if they made them in that color)

25 years later:
I built this. It's not a fender, but I dont care. It ticks all the boxes of my childhood ideal.

It's been my goto since the minute it was completed.


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Anything BUT a Strat, then went to the store with a friend who was one of the best jazz musicians and we tried lot's of guitars, I came back home with that Ugly Strat Ultra that they did not want to sell me. They showed me 3 other Ultras and I had to wait one day and make a few Fender calls in order to take it with me.


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Man.....I saved up for quite some time to get one of these. I had the black version. Was a great guitar! Neck eventually had excessive forward bow at the first fret area on it and was toast. I had a well known luthier up here, Brian Mascarin (also a relative of mine) put on a Lasido Charvel style neck. The place where I got the guitar from paid for the work. Turned out to be a great guitar. I used it a lot through the 80s and I ended up selling it eventually for a nice Fender HRR strat with Floyd that I loved.

A Les Paul Custom in Alpine White, and something in the Explorer family, I tried to make both dreams come true in one, in 2015: https://www.jcfonline.com/forum/equipment/jackson-usa-guitars/148926-the-arrival-custom-select-kelly

Mahogany body and Seymour Duncan Custom and 59 to give it more of a Gibson voicing, and no top routing on the Floyd Rose to give it more of an Eighties vibe. If only I had waited, because at the time, pinstripes or different color bevels would have made it a master build doubling the price. Of course. I still want a Les Paul Custom (or failing that, an ESP Eclipse). But no. Gibson does not make the Custom on the production line (makes sense), I refuse to be seen with an "E-II", and ESP USA makes the Eclipse with single binding (multi-ply binding is a must). My cheapest option is to track down a used ESP Standard Series and then get gold hardware.


I was a drummer in my teens before pickup up guitar at 18. My perception of electric guitars was obviously very different as I never though about playing one. TBH I didn’t even really notice any difference between models or different amps :rimshot.
But somehow Strats always resonated with me. There was a black Strat in our school's band room that I always preferred over the other guitar which was a Tele. A few years later I was playing a few gigs in a power trio and covering some Hendix stuff. The guitarist and singer obviously played a Strat and I just fell in love with the sound. Naturally, 3 or 4 years later when I bought my first electric guitar it had to be a Fender Strat.

Jack Johnson was one of the reasons I started playing guitar and when I saw him play a thinline Tele, I knew I also had to get a Tele. These are still my 2 favorite guitars, but the Strat was love at first sight.

dan in RI

Whatever semi hollowbody Mike Nesmith was playing on the Monkees TV show. I was 8 in 1986 when MTV began airing it for the 20th anniversary. I just thought Nez was the coolest. I also liked John Lennon's Epiphone (Casino?) a year or so later.

Then it was a Les Paul like Jimmy Page. But once I started playing in high school, my single minded obsession was a TV yellow double cutaway Les Paul like Johnny Thunders'. A now departed high school classmate gave me a cassette he made with The Heartbreakers (at the time freshly remixed and re-released) "LAMF" on one side and that same summer, I saw my heroes the Ramones for the final time. At the time, they had just released Adios Amigos, which contained a cover of the Heartbreakers' "I Love You." So all of a sudden something clicked. I loved the Sex Pistols, so it was a natural progression to a more swaggering, more conventional rock and roll version thereof.

I ended up getting that Les Paul jr a few years later and still have it today.


I was a child of the 1980’s so it was Strats all the way - Andy Summers on The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” Curtis Mayfield, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix in the Woodstock movie, SRV, Eric Johnson, post-Husker Du Bob Mould ... the list goes on.

Ironically, I only found a Strat I liked in 2005. Once I learned how to work with it, I use Strats 90% of the time now.

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