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Guitar you first really wanted when growing up


The first guitar I really lusted for was a '64 Gibson ES335 in cherry red. I was bummed out when they went to the stop tailpiece in '65. It just didn't look as cool to me. In late '65, my dear Mom gifted me with a new Epiphone Casino so I did all right at an early age. In 1978, I acquired a '67 Gibson ES335 in sunburst. I would have rather had cherry but the sunburst was available and priced right. I soon had the 335 converted to a stop tailpiece and I now prefer the sunburst over cherry. I still have the 335 by the way.
A Rickenbacker was the first guitar I recognized . Well the headstock . Then later seeing my cousin with a red 335 shaped thing when I was little . I have both took me to being in my late 30's when I got em finally

Joe Bleaux

In the early mid 80's, When I was 16 or so, my buddy acquired a Tuxedo Les Paul Standard from some goofy hippy dude for something like $300 (it was very similar to the one @mr_cheef posted earlier in this thread). At the time, I was playing my first decent guitar, an Ibanez SB70 -- which was a perfectly cromulent guitar, but which I was already a little self conscious about, and which immediately seemed decidedly plebian next to my friend's new instrument. So I guess it's fair to say that an LP was my first guitar crush.

Unfortunately, much like my first girl crush, a real LP was way out of my league. Fortunately, I had recently discovered the lascivious allure of the the Carvin catalog, and I quickly developed a deep infatuation with this little number, which seemed at least attainable as a stretch:

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 4.04.00 PM.png

And about a year or so later, I had a nice little financial windfall that enabled me to pull the trigger. It turned out to be a wonderful guitar -- and apart from the neck wood, body wood, fingerboard wood, scale length, lack of body carve, stero wiring, phase switch, coil taps, brass nut, and wierdo roller saddle/fine tuning bridge/tailpiece assembly, it was just like my buddy's Les Paul!
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Bryan T

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As a fourth grader taking lessons, I was really interested in black strat-style guitars with white pickguards. I finally got one a few years ago.


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Sunburst jazzmaster. It’s still the most beautiful guitar to mine eyeballs.

I can’t explain the attraction. It certainly isn’t the most rock and roll, nor the first guitar I can remember seeing anybody play.


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2D7A26D9-A546-477E-9CC1-2F6ECBB3AE21.jpeg ‘73 sunburst Stratocaster with rosewood neck, drooled over it every time I went in the LGS.
Dad bought me a Crestwood Mustang copy instead, traded that piece of junk for an upgrade.. a Teisco Del Rey, seriously! Eventually ended up buying a mid-‘60s Candy Apple red rosewood Stratocaster, and will always hate myself for not owning it today.


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Started my musical journey as a bass player.

My first bass was an Orlando Jazz Bass copy that was sunburst.

I really wanted a Fender Jazz bass and bought a used Sunburst with rosewood fret board and block inlays from Guitar Showcase in 1981-2 and they lied to me about it. I think i didn’t get ripped off but that I told a lie. Said it was a 1960s bass but what year was a three bolt neck? Yes it was 1977-8 Jazz.

It really was a great bass till it was stolen.

Blanket Jackson

is Tio's favorite
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"What's that man movin' cross the stage?
It looks a lot like the one used by Jimmy Page
It's like a relic from a different age
Could be, oo-ee"



Started to learn about guitars in 1998, but my only guitar lust come a year or a year and half later. Saw a video of Mike Portnoy Liquid Drum Theater if I'm not mistaken from my teacher stash at his home. Saw an Ibanez RG 7 string from the Acid Rain clip played by Petrucci. Still never own one yet. Maybe someday.


I wanted a Fender Stratocaster, then a little later a Jackson RR.

I got the Stratocaster and sold it, and I have yet to get me a Jackson (several decades later), but I will get one when I grow up. :)

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