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Guitarist and Bass Player = RI Bassman for both?


The Bassman WAS designed for the 50s Precision Bass, right? (serious question, don't bash me)

I've personally never heard a bass plugged into one.
Can the circuit, tubes and speakers handle bass frequencies?
IF SO....
Would this be the IDEAL amp for an individual who is a guitarist AND a bass player?
(alternative/indie rock btw)


i use my mesa mark I RI for both bass and gt.
for low volume gigs (world music) and recording, mark I is a great sounding bass amp.

once, a 6 string jazz bassist friend of mine had his amp crapped out in the middle of a jazz trio gig, and i happened to have my BF Showman head in the trunk of my car.
it sounded better than anyone expected.


The 59 RI sounds awful on bass with a usable stage volume.

If he wants one amp one cab I would go with a black or silver face bassman head into a 2x12 closed back cab with Celestion g12h heritage speakers. Two channel bassman is perfect. I used it for a year in a blues jam band where I switched between git and bass and for 2 years in a punk band- strictly bass. It had plenty of beef for both.


Gold Supporting Member
It depends on what style of bass you play. If you play any slap style bass or a 5 string I would be worried about any typical guitar speakers. I used to plug my Fender '67 Bassman head into my ampeg 210 bass cab and it sounds pretty good. It was lacking on power though. It would work in a pinch though....


Unrepentant Massaganist
If you are playing at home, the RI Bassman will be fine for bass but not great for guitar.

If you are playing live, the RI Bassman will be fine for guitar but not great for bass.


The speakers included with the Bassman reissue are not designed for Bass....

I'm sure it would be fine at low volumes like any guitar amp - not likely to sound very good though... But I would not take the chance on cranking it with a bass as you might blow the speakers.

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