Guitarists similar to (P-Funk's) Eddie Hazel....

Phil M

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So much good **** in this thread ...

I was gonna suggest Stevie Salas but someone beat me to it.


Before I was even aware of Hazel ...
There were a good deal of great Funkster guitarists here in Cali.
Early Tower of Power was originally a jam band & used cats who were totally pocket oriented ...
Also the same goes for early Earth, Wind & Fire .
Twenty minutes groovin funkifized jams with Jazz cats blowing over the top ...


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There's a certain kinda of music that's a stew of Rock, R&B, Funk and Jazz/Blues with some Church thrown in. That's hard to cover unless you've got a good mix of folks who have enough of it in common to get it together on their own.

That's what makes the original quesiton so tough. It doesn't have to be cultural (a PC term), but it sure helps if the band has that.

My first thought was "Ernie". The Isley's were willing to rock hard whereas a lot of similar bands didn't want to rock so hard. Ernie is the closest thing there is to Eddie.

All other incarnations of Funkadelic, Parliament, The Bride of Funkensteion, Bloodrock, TOP, etc. etc.

Harvey Mandel is actually kinda close, especially his work with Don Harris.

Vernon Reid - has a healthy mix of Trane/McLaughlin in there, whether you appreciate that or not.

Robin Trower - and although I believe he can get funky, he doesn't seem to want to (and I'm a bug fan).

Randy California & Randy Hansen - it all goes back to Jimi, right?



Without a doubt: DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight is the worthy heir to the throne of Eddie Hazel. He takes it to a whole 'nother level. One of my biggest influences since the early '90s when I first saw him w/P Funk All Stars. Just saw him at the Greek Theater last week on George Clinton's Farewell Tour & he absolutely KILLED it!!!!!!!

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