Guitarists: What Songs Inspired You to Play Keys, too.


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First rock song I learned was Louie, Louie in 1963. Played Chopin at my first recital in 1965. Soon followed by Light My Fire. Been digging it ever since. Also play trombone. Don't play much guitar anymore. I use a backup Casio Privia keyboard if there's gonna be a lot of beer and fast women on stage.



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Bands that inspired me to get into synths are Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Kraftwerk, NIN, Die Krupps, Front 242 and KMFDM to name a few!


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Yes, ELP, Deep Purple, Doors; then '80s new wave (hooked big time; still my fav pop genre) and electronic music ever since...

Too many to list for me...
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I took piano lessons in elementary school but didn't pursue it for long. It gave me a solid foundation in music, though. Still, to this day all I can do is dabble, maybe learn a part for a song I want to record, but that's about it.

I think "Let It Be" was something that inspired me to learn a song (because Cmaj :D). "Maybe I'm Amazed" is another one.

And this one. I love Zawinul's feel on this. Such a beautiful song.


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I've decided to take piano lessons when I was kid because I was curious: my neighbor had a piano that attracted me lot and my uncle is piano and organ player and even if he lived in a different town he surely inspired me.

I loved the piano parts on dire straits alchemy. Those inspired me a lot when I was a young.


I started playing really because of my own writing. I was putting piano stuff in, but having to sequence it note by note. And aside from that being a bit tedious, I figured I'd write better stuff if I could actually play the thing myself.

But in terms of stuff that I guess got me into putting it into my music to begin with... there's a whole bunch of stuff I like with piano, but it's probably really Devil Doll that's responsible.

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I always loved the piano. As a kid I was a huge fan of Elton John, Rick Wakeman, Jon Lord, Keith Emerson, and others, even Liberace. I adored the guitar, but never totally lived in a guitar-centric world. A little later I became somewhat obsessed with classical music, and my love of listening to great piano music only increased.

As for playing keys in a band, it came about through necessity in the early 1980's. I was in a top 40 band and some of the stuff we were doing at the time was fairly keys-intensive, so the other guitar player in that band and I started doubling on keys. The first song that benefitted from having dual keys was Toto's "Africa". That Toto song and the Korg Poly-61 both came out in the same year, 1982. I played a Korg Poly-61 in that band.

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