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Guitars you've regretted selling


HOLY COW! Where do I start??? First off...Unemployment has REALLY thined out the heard. BUT the ones I WILL replace some day... ASAT Classic S(LOVED THAT guitar for all the sounds!), Gibson Les Paul Jr. double cut with twin P90's,04 Fender 54 reissue Strat Aniv. ed.,96 Fender Seina burst Lone Star American ed., G&L Legacy, and a one off Heritage H150 with a one piece Flamed/curly maple top in natural finish with push/pull to split the Semore Duncan pups. The Classic S will be the first one to be replaced.


I had a 69 SG when I was a teenager. I sold it in 89 to fund the purchase of an amp. It was the 80s and I didn't think I had much use for it.



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Like most of you, there are a bunch I wish I had back - here are a few that come to mind:

1995 Ted Thompson T1 acoustic (had to sell it to get a '60 D-18)
1971 Telecaster in near mint condition
1956 blonde Guild T-100 (maybe the worst mistake)

This might have been my best overall line-up of electrics, and they are all gone!

And while I'm at it, I would really like to have that Sonic Blue Tele back - USACG hollow body w/cream binding and nice USACG fat neck. The D-18 is what I traded the Thompson for. And I want that amp back, too!

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Deciding to focus on playing acoustic, I sold my cherry red 1961 ES-345 to Michael Landau in 1976 for less than $1,000. A few months later I sold my '65 Fender Pro Reverb with JBL D-120s for $300. I was 19 years old.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, I knew the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

Over the years I felt some regret about selling that stuff (and for so little!), but I can laugh about it today. I was fortunate to learn about and use some great gear when I was so young.


I have had a 2 maybe 3 but the biggest regret was an80s MIJ Paisely Tele that was amazing.I loved that neck. bought it in like 1996 for about $200 but didn't play it much because I bout intact a time that A was slowing down on guitar and buying a house out of college. In about 2007 I started playing again more frequently and wanted to try some other guitars. Looking at it, it had some rougher edges and seemed to be a little delicate. I was worried about ruining it.This was just before the whole relic thing became a fad. this was a real guitar that would naturally relic if Ilet it. Instead I traded it on an 18 watt amp head kit because for some reason I could not give it away. The head kit and cabinet was a great trade at well over a grand (gds). a few years or so later I had advanced (some) in my playing andmy ear has developed enough where I realized that I was wishing I had that tele. great neck. great color. very distinct. It would fit right into what I have been playing. I think the light build went off when a guy came over to try outa amp and had anMIM tele and killed it in my living room and I was like damn, there is THAT sound. Ihad thought a tele was just a twang machine. Boy was I wrong.

Dang, no pic on my photobucket. If I find one I will post later.


a 1994 westerly D55 pristine had the tags the case and zero marks on it. I sold it for a profit. what a mistake


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2001 PRS Custom 24 (my first nice guitar - beautiful and played great)

Collings I35 LC (perfect neck, balance and frets)

LSL Saticoy. (favorite strat I've played to date, I sold it waiting for an ordered guitar and the ordered guitar didn't do it for me - then the new owner gloated about me selling it to him).


I've sold a few that were nostalgic/iconic enough to be reissued like a 69 Ampeg Dan Armstrong and a 73 Fender Telecaster custom, but I have no regrets on those.

This is the only one I wish I hadn't sold. A 1960 Gibson double pickup Melody Maker purchased in 1975. 100% original with case. I only had $75 bucks invested in that guitar and it was so much fun to play.

1. An early 70s (bought it used in 1973) Les Paul. It was the first really nice guitar I ever had. Sold it to keep body and soul together.

2. 1980s Hamer Scarab. For me, the perfect neck. Sold it because I hated the fin sticking up under my armpit.


A lot for me and I am only 26!

Here's a some that I can think of:

2005 rickenbacker 330 blueburst color of the year.
1989 Gibson les Paul standard
1976 Gibson rd custom
Mij fender 72 thinline reissue
Gretsch country classic
1976 Ibanez strat
1997 fender lone star strat paid for by grandpa
Epiphone elitist les Paul, surprisingly sweet guitar.
Avri fender jazzmaster
2005 Gibson les Paul deluxe goldtop

There are a few more teles, strats and pauls but it's starting to hurt how stupid I was.


Late 50's Harmony Espanada

First archtop that I could hear the "woody" tone thru the p-13 pickups.

Best neck I ever played...gets wider as you aproach the 12th fret giving more room for upper register chording.


Yep there that good!


The only guitar that I let go without being replaced with what I experience to be a superior guitar was my '03 American Series Strat (the '98 MIM I have now is fine, but not quite as good). Otherwise, all the really nice guitars I have let go have ultimately led me on a path to the most self-gratifying line up which I now have ('11 ES-345, '01 HD-28, '98 MIM Strat).


I wish I could make an "emotional attachment"...maybe the rotating door would slow down.

I have repurchased 3 335's, 3 Vintage Yellow PRS', 4 Rickenbackers, and 3 Strats. Everything seems replaceable.

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