Guthrie Govan Wiring Model w/o Blower Switch


Hello again guys! Ive been putting together a parts o caster for a few months now and Id have to say progress is great! Parts are all coming in nicely and its almost at the point where I get to start the wiring. the problem is that I dont know where to find the wiring diagram(s) I am looking for. I basically want the Guthrie Govan Suhr Wiring but without the blower switch mod. The Pups im using are a Suhr SSV in the Neck, DiMarzio Air Norton S in the Middle and a DiMarzio Breed in the Bridge. I have combed through all over the internet looking for it but havent found anything close to it... Does anyone have one without asking Suhr directly or maybe draw me up one? Thanks in advance!

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