Guthrie Govan's most recent equipment (VIDEO)


Dear folks,

I thought you might find this video interesting:

Here GG goes through his most recent rig (apart from the "secret" HSS guitar). Things that stood out to me:

- 6L6s in his Victory V50. Is this a new thing? I knew about 6L6s in the V100 and V30, but I wasn't aware he had these replaced. EL34s are stock for V50, unlike the previous two amps and even the Aristocrats website mentions EL34s. Needless to say, it's cool GG goes by ear and not by preconceived notions.

- a first vid—that I'm aware anyway—where GG talks about his FX8 effects unit. It's too bad he didn't go over the sounds at any length.

All in all, cool stuff!

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