Sold Gvcg 2005 Esquire/Tele Blackguard


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This is a rare opportunity to snag one of Jonathan Wilson’s early masterpieces from NYC.

This is the second GVCG Blackguard I have owned from this era and they do not disappoint. I've spent plenty of time around real vintage Teles and this one meets or beats them.

The tone is warm and round but has that Tele bite, but where GVCG's truly excel is in the feel category. They feel nice and worn in, like a guitar costing 10-15 times as much without being as delicate as some vintage pieces can be.

Pickups are a custom Lollar bridge pickup with a stellar Hamel neck pickup added for more versatility.

Weight is just shy of 6lb 13oz with a fairly large but comfy neck and large frets.

Tweed hard case in as new condition.

Jonathan is no longer building, so his early work should continue to be very collectible and appreciate in value while they remain some of the finest tools available for making music.

Note: the guitar was originally routed by JW as a tele, same as Fender did on their Esquires. The difference was the pickguard and bass cap wiring on the switch-the original GVCG Esquire pickguard and caps are included with this guitar.

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WOW! These early JW guitars are incredible, and this one is stunning. As close to the real deal as it gets. The aging is just perfect, not overdone. Great seller, and player too!

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