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Discussion in 'Luthier's Guitar & Bass Technical Discussion' started by n8cjohn, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. n8cjohn

    n8cjohn Member

    May 26, 2011
    I have a guitar with a Fralin Unbucker in the Bridge - rated at 8.75 kOhm. It splits to 4.75k. How hot would you go with the single coils in the middle and the neck positions?

  2. GM Reszel

    GM Reszel Member

    Jun 11, 2009
    NE IN
    Just my take but I would make them stock output (approx 6k) to have the single coil tone when you wanted it. The only mismatched (and mildly so) combination would be with H/S.
  3. Sensible Musician

    Sensible Musician Member

    Nov 17, 2009
    is the unbucker the one with lots more wire on one coil? and you want a traditional strat #2 sound, right?

    a typical strat middle (e.g. Fender USA Standard, anything made with fully charged A5 mags and advertised as "vintage") has ca. 8,000 turns of AWG42 with heavy build insulation. if you get a little more than that on the bridge pickup coil you want to combine with middle, you will start getting close to the familiar sound.

    does the "unbucker" have one or both bobbins shaped like a strat? the shape of the coil is a big part of it, too

    if you really want that #2 glass more than you want a pure humbucker sound in #1, the better solution is to use a conventional coil in bridge position and use a different construction style. e.g. a p-90 style pickup with the mags on bottom and inert polepieces will give you lots of fat and no icepick, without giving up any clarity, plus the #2 position sounds legit.

    every pickup winder makes something like this. fralin's is called SP43 i think. some use filister screws instead of 3/16" slugs to make it even more like a p-90

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