H9 MaxOut - New Algo's you've discovered?

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    Aug 7, 2006
    I maxed out my Core before the deal was up on the 1st, and I've finally got some time to dig into a few more algo's. I'm pretty stoked on a few things that I never thought I would need to buy before, but glad I've got them now. Here's a few discoveries:

    1. Ring Mod. You can do some pretty gnarly stuff with this. I've owned a Moogerfooger Ring Mod before, so I know what's up,but the H9 takes it up a notch with extra parameters that really mangle the sound. Putting it after a Super Ego really puts you into modular synth land.

    2. Reverse delay. These can be predictable, but with the repeat function you can get some pretty unique sounds by getting a loop going then playing something and quickly turning off and on the repeat again.

    3.Tremolo/Pan. I didn't buy this before because there was a trem built into the Spring Reverb algo, but this bias side of the trem sounds amazing. Having the ability to have a secondary form of modulation really creates some unique sounds.

    4. Plate. I never really got into plates, but they just sit behind your guitar single so perfectly with pre-delay.

    5. Auto-Wah. Never thought I'd dig this, but using this behind the Super Ego you can really create a pulsating filter sequence.

    Anyone else Max Out and find some algorithms you thought you'd never use or like?

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