Hal Leonard CCR tabs don't match up.


I'm trying to learn some Creedence Clearwater Revival songs from their greatest hits CD and a separate songbook by Hal Leonard. But the notes absolutely don't match up.

Is it just me or am I missing something?


Shouldn't be a surprise. TAB, even stuff in standard notation is often full of inaccuracies - it's always been that way.

It's not like Hal Leonard has a full-time staff of crack transcriptionists. As far as I know, anyone can transcribe anything and then cut a deal with ol' Hal. And do you think HL has paid staff that check all their transcriptions for accuracy? Doubtful....

Another reason to transcribe the material yourself. :AOK


Here is a whole thread devoted to the topic of why professional published tabs are sometimes inaccurate.


Of course, this problem isn't restricted to CCR tabs.

Have you checked out Hal Leonard's Creedence Clearwater Revival Guitar Play-Along DVD, volume 20:


I'm not claiming the playing (or the scrolling tab at the bottom of the screen) are flawless, but you can watch it quickly and get a good feel for how these songs are played. I find the tab almost worthless, because it scrolls as fast as the playing, and it is a hassle to constantly stop and freeze each new screen of tab, read it, and then resume the playing.

I generally just watch Doug Boduch's playing.

I think there is a companion book featuring full printed out tabs and backing tracks:


Basically, Hal Leonard has a long running guitar play-along series, featuring printed tabs and the songs on CD (full version and full version minus main guitar part). This is the guitar play-along CD series. (These are not the most accurate tabs, but they are serviceable and, hopefully, match the playing on the performance tracks.)

Now they have a guitar play-along DVD series as well. You can actually turn the guitar off if you want to play along w/ the DVD. At present, there aren't many in the guitar play-along DVD series. Here is a list:


I like this DVD series . . . not because it is note perfect, but because you can get a close-up of the songs being performed, and you can move quicker.

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