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Hand built big muffs with a lot of knobs!~

Discussion in 'Gear Demos - Videos and Soundclips' started by burgercrisis, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. burgercrisis

    burgercrisis Member

    Jun 15, 2018
    Hey, I just finished a custom big muff. I have some other projects in the work that I basically just need to get around to buying parts and actuating. I figured I'd advertise myself here. I recorded a long demo, recorded it 3 ways so you can better hear the difference, but I don't have video editting and was having trouble transferring files between computers in under several hours... so I figured I'd just upload everything as is. There's direct in with cab sim, cabinet mic and first gen video.

    It's basically a big muff that can do almost everything it takes to go between all the eras of the Big Muff and well beyond, with an added boost. It can do some interesting tones for sure! It has a more useable tone knob because you can alter the hi and lo pass. So you can adjust your scoop and basically just fine to it more.

    For Big Muff diehards, or anyone looking to get a Big Muff but unsure which is the right one for them, or who just likes to have full control over their sound. This is the muff for you!

    Also taking custom job requests.



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