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Hi Everyone,
I have not posted here for a while, lot's of medical issues with my wife and mother in law have kept me busy at home. I started building my first hand built guitar a year or so ago. It's been slow going, but appears that I am almost ready to start the finishing process.

I've attached a few pictures. I did everything, and made most every mistake that you can make. Oh boy, is this ever a learning process!

I study everything I can get my hands on with regard to the finishing. Going for a PRS style amber stain and clear lacquer. Still have to grain fill the mahogany, and there is a lot of sand still ahead of me. I will post the completed guitar once it is done.

I'm not even keeping this, instead giving it to an old friend that has never seemed to had enough scratch to afford a decent instrument. I just hope it's playable when I get done with it! Please post comments and suggestions if you are inclined. I hope I am able to post the pictures properly, I'm not very clear on how that works.









I can't wait to get started on my next one, I think I have a few things figured out. :aok



Fantastic. Nice work man! I really admire that and it looks killer!

Love to see it when it's finished!



Thanks for the kind words. Again this is a serious learning process, where mistakes abound.

The finish, most likely a darker amber stain for the top (on the wood), colored grain filler for the mahogany, then several clear coats of gloss nitrocelleous lacquer. Been reading a ton about finishes, got the books from StewMac and the videos that Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie shot. I also picked up the entire palette of colored stains from stewmac, and I will try to mix up something this weekend to wipe on the top.

24 frets
twin PAF 36th anniversary humbuckers from Dimarzio
Schaller stop tailpiece bridge
Vintage Grover Deluxe tuners

I ordered the pearl inlay from a company in Kennett Square, PA. That was a learning experience. I loved doing the inlay work, and I signed up for a week class with Dave Nichols next fall in his studio in upstate NY. I'm thinking about inlaying a few of the guitars I have around here, the inlay stuff just seems like such a cool look.

The rest I make up as I go. The best part of this is the amazing tools I've been amassing since I started this guitar. Without the right tools this would have been quite difficult, that God for Stewmac.

thanks for the comments.

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