Happy Man Again - SOLDERED Patch Cables


Tweed Tube Tone Purist
So I’ve been using George L Cables for about a decade. At first I liked them. The ability to custom make all your lengths and offset angles, etc. Then a couple times a year they’d get loose or the connection would go bad and sometimes even the plug itself and I’d have to remake a cable or several. After years of that scenario and not having as much time as usual for guitar gear maintenance it just got annoying and troublesome.
So I’ve been in a search for awhile for the best soldered patch cables with low profile plugs. So many details go into it and so many factors to consider. Anyways - I made a decision and have just decided to role with it.
I went with Divine Noise Teenie cables. Spendy little suckers but man they sound great, feel very durable and yet flexible.
I was so happy to just plug them in and they were good to go right away. Sometimes with George L’s that’s not always the case (and yes I know how to assemble them the right way).

So - I’ve been wanting to go with a soldered cable for a long time and now I finally have them. I’m a happy guy :)

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