Hard wiring a Pedal Power to a side AC jack


For all you wiring guru's...

Im waiting for my trailer trash board to arrive and wanted to hit the ground running. I asked for a side AC jack (unmounted to save $) and thought that I would be able to find some video's or literature on how to correctly solder the snipped plug from the PP to the side AC jack of the board, but have come up short.

Could any of you help a brother out?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



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There are 3 terminals to the AC out that you have mounted s well as 3 leads in the power chord of the PP2+. Cut the power chord to your desired length and strip a portion of the outer casing away to expose the 3 internal cables. The three cables should be color coded white, black and green. Strip the ends to expose the copper cable, and match the colored cables to the matching terminals of the AC jack. They should be labeled white, black and green. The white is neutral, black is hot and green is ground. Before you screw down the terminals, make sure you insert a sleeve of heat shrink tubing that you can shrink over the terminals so they are not exposed. Congrats on the new board.

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