Harder Than Contra- Video Game Music


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I loved Final Fantasy 3, great job! Growing up around a Nintendo, I appreciate the Ninja Gaiden reference with your user name as well. : D

Ethn Hayabusa

I didn't even mention the gear!

I play the melody part, and I use my Anderson Drop Top 7, Suhr Modern 7, and an '88 Ibanez Jem 77FP with Anderson H1+ and H3+ pickups. I think this song was mainly the Jem.

For the amp I use a THD Flexi 50 or a Diezel Herbert into a THD 2x12 loaded with an Eminence Tonker and a Swamp Thang. For my main band (The Janitors of Chaos) I use a Bogner Ecstasy. For pedals (on this recording) I used a Strymon Timeline, an MI Audio Pollyanna Octave, and a VFE Tube Screamer (just with the Flexi).

Pat Fouhy handled the rhythm and harmonies on this track, and uses a Suhr Modern into a GCX system, into a Mesa/Boogie Triaxis/2:90 setup. Mesa 4x12 recto cab. I don't think he had any pedals for this recording, but he has some great Eventide stuff happening.

Pat did the recording/engineering on his Mac with Digital Performer.

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