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Harmonic Tremolo


Listens to Johnny Marr, plays like John Denver
Supporting Member
I used to have this amp. Listen to that harmonic tremolo wobble.

The closest I got to that sound was to use a Fuchs Creme de la Trem. Here’s me comparing it to the photo Trem of my blackface pro reverb:



Nuzzled Firmly Betwixt
Gold Supporting Member
Since we've upgraded to video representations, here's one that compares the two I mentioned earlier.

Earlier in the video, they run through Max-settings (kinda ho-hummish, imo, but perhaps necessary)
Remember they are showing off both Bias and Harmonic trem in this vid.

AND btw, ignore the Andertons video on Jack's stereo pedals... they were on some kinda SillyJuice that day, and they were really peaking when they got the the PanaTrem...
I hope Jack didn't pay for that review. It looked like they weren't ready for the review (didn't know knob functions) and tried to hide it with Danish Sausage references.