Sold HARRY JOYCE H.J. CUSTOM 50, 2001 built by Harry Joyce--rare & fantastic!

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    Aug 24, 2004
    This rare and fantastic HARRY JOYCE HJ CUSTOM 50 was built by Harry Joyce himself. Harry Joyce was the originator of "mil-spec wiring" in guitar amps when he was talked into building amps for Dan Reeves at Hiwatt in the late 60's until 1973*. In the 90's, he started a company with his name in the U.S. and built about 100 amps, most custom for a particular customer, until his death in 2003. The company bearing his name, operated by those who collaborated with HJ and owned the Harry Joyce Amplifiers name, continued to build very highly-regarded amplifiers. This Custom 50 was built by Harry Joyce himself and was #25 of about 100 amps (see photo of chassis top.) It is not simply a clone of the Hiwatt Custom 50 but is a refinement and progression of the great Hiwatt amps of the Harry Joyce era. It sounds otherworldly!! It is loaded with very, very low use, nearly NOS Mullard (RCA Branded) XF2 power tubes and "vintage" NOS, mostly Brimar pre-amp tubes. This one has the RICH ROBINSON MOD (Black Crowes), which bridges the channels internally in either of the bottom two inputs, one high impedance, one low impedance. Wonderful master volume. It is in very good cosmetic condition with a few scrapes, scratches, scuffs and nicks. (see photos) I have a custom cover for it as well.
    Learn more about Harry Joyce and his amps at: or
    *(While a very common misrepresentation by sellers has been that Harry Joyce built amps for Hiwatt after '73, this is not the case. A common scam has been to have block letters in black marker saying "Harry Joyce" on the upper lip or edge of Hiwatt chassis to suggest HJ did build amps after 1973 for Hiwatt. Often the sellers themselves don't realize that Harry did not build the amp, simply passing on the misrepresentation unknowingly.)
    Because I very reluctantly have to part with this rare and extraordinary amp and exceptional tubes, I'm offering it at a very reasonable price of just SOLD CONUS. (a new one, even built by the current owners of the HJ amps name, is just under $5K for the Custom 50 w/o shipping--$5,300 for the Custom 100). No trades please. Questions, requests, etc can be sent to me at or by PM.
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