Has anybody ever used the tilt screw on his strat neck?

Hari Seldon

I just realized my strat has one, but as a strat player since decades I never used it or seen someone else do it.

Kind of unnecessary feature like the bridge covers?
(what's the right word - you know the things that get removed as first action when unpacking a new fender ;-)


I've used them several times.
It allows you to change the angle of the neck acting as a shim with out having to take neck off of the guitar.
If you wanted a 2 point bridge set up on the high side of floating, sometimes there isnt enough play to the make the saddles low enough to get the action low.
Tilting the neck back a bit then readjusting the set up can get you there.

The desire to use a wooden shim for more wood to wood contact over the built in micro-tilt is a whole other discussion that many feel passionately about.
Hari, I do see guitars with some turns into the tilt device, sure.

I feel this feature was used often enough just in getting a new American Series, Deluxe or Standard set up well enough to be put in the packing box and shipped to the dealer. I've been there when the box was opened and the tilt was used, right from the plant.

There's a dealer (or was) in Orlando called the Guitar Den and EVERY single American Standard, American Deluxe and American Series used guitar they had stashed on this rack had a LOT of turns into the Micro-Tilt. That's when I really understood using this feature too much was not a good thing. Some Humps where the device is were clearly evident. Bunch of guitars played very hard and put away wet, so to speak - the necks were messed up on several of them; no other reason I could see.

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The times i've used them it's messed with the one in a way i didn't care for. Shims, same thing at times but other times have worked ok. Then again i've shimmed a LOT more than the few times i've used the tilt screw so i dunno.

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I look forward to using it on my current 70s Strat project. In fact, I was disappointed when the 1973 body I just acquired had the neck disc instead of the body disc screwed into place. I just ordered the correct disc - the one with the threaded hole for the micro-tilt inset screw to pass through.

This will be my first experience with such a feature. It makes sense functionally. Maybe I'll discover why it was discontinued?


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I don't own any Fender guitars but I do use the tilt screws on my Peaveys. I much prefer that over shimming and tweaking saddles.


Used them on both Strats and Tele's to get the neck up a bit to get low action with no buzz. Always worked out well. I wish G&L would use this feature on their four bolt necks. I always have had to shim them with business cards to get the set up I want.

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