Has anyone compared the CB Octapussy and CI Octavia?


I've owned the Chicago Iron Octavia a few times and like it. I was curious how the Catalinbread Octapussy compares?


My buddy owns the CI and I've had the CB for some time. He comes over to jam often and I've had the chance to play both through his vintage black face super and my Mesa custom express.

They are extremely similar I find the Catalina can cover a bit more ground sonically especially when using the bridge pickup for the sitar like effect. Doing the normal Hendrix thing I find them to be nearly identical when you use the factory suggestions that Catalina supplies in the manual.

Only time there is a difference to my ears is when you leave the LED on the octapussy on it's a little less pronounced and the overtones may not be quite as strong (although it's a minimal difference) but you just have to open the back and flip the switch to take the indicator LED out of the circuit and then they are pretty much spot on

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