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Has anyone done a speaker swap on their jet city


Silver Supporting Member
I was just wondering if any jet city owners have done speaker swaps using the factory cab, and if so what speaker did you go with. Thanks. I'm tooling around the idea of swapping the speaker in my JCA112 cab.


Weber Legend speaker. Like it. Tone is becomes more flexible than stock speaker especially at the lower gain settings b/twn 3 - 5. Have a V30 in a extension cab. I like the Weber Legend better. The magnet is huge. Read the specs on it. It's a good match. I need to upgrade the speaker cable and my guitar cable. The speaker cable is weak link IMO. I did upgrade the power cord to a Mercury Magnetics, it helps. Also replaced all the tubes.

Chrome Dinette

Senior Member
I have a Celestion greenback in my Jet City cab. I only use it around the house with either a 2 or 15 watt amp. A friend needed a 16 ohm speaker for a 4x12 and he traded me the 8 ohm Celestion for it. I was fine with the original, but I think I like the replacement better.


which jet city do you have?

I haven't done the swap, but i have the 50 watt head and i've tried it with a ton of different speakers (only at lowish home volumes, though, so bear that in mind). my absolute favourite speaker with it is the eminence v12, which is what soldano uses. it tames the high end (i should add i haven't got as far as changing valves yet, JJs would likely help with that, too) and just sounds like it was made for it.

i do have the 2x12 jet city cab on the way (which i'm going to put the v12s into), but somethign else i ordered at the same time is out of stock, so it could be a while (maybe 6 weeks or so).

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