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Has Anyone Ever Ordered a Custom Gibson?


Just wondering if anyone has ordered a “custom shop” Gibson guitar. I’ve always been a Fender player, but there are a few select Gibsons that I really want. That said, does Gibson even have a “custom shop” similar to Fender? (I've ordered custom shop Fenders, so that is what I am familiar with). Can you order custom shop guitars? If you have done it, is the price outrageous (and is the wait time measured in years?) Any constructive input is appreciated.


Never custom ordered one myself. However I would think with so many high end Gibsons around including the used market, there must be a few already out there that you can play first that are to your liking, assuming you like what a Gibson is in general. Used is the way to go when you have so much to choose from like Gibson and Fender. Now I have seen others over time who have either inquired or actually ordered one. The guitars still had to fall within certain normal parameters of what a Gibson 'is' for the most part, making the wait and extra expense not worth it, IMHO.


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I requested a quote for a custom Les Paul about 10 years ago. The price quoted then was about the same as the MSRP of an R9 today.